Naomi Massage Therapy


Leena’s specialities include Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Trigger Point, Pre-Natal, Aromatherapy, and Chair Massage.  Kona, Hawaii mobile massage therapy on the Big Island.

“In Hebrew, Naomi means ‘pleasantness’ – and this is my promise to you.

It is my aim to work with you in providing enlightening and empowering sessions, a sense of renewal, and a safe space, free of the stresses of day to day life. 

Before my time as a licensed Massage Therapist, I was unable to say what I wanted to do with this life I’d been blessed with. As I contemplated higher education, an epiphany blossomed: I wanted a career, any career, that provided more than just a means to get by. I wanted (and continue to aspire) to give back, to benefit more than myself. 

“Let me dedicate my life today
To care of those who come my way.
Let me touch each one with healing hands
And the gentle art for which I stand.
And then tonight when the day is done,
Let me rest in peace if I’ve helped just one.”
~Teri Lynn Thompson

This led to many nights filled with thoughts on what niche I would settle into as I began school at the University of Hawaii, at Hilo. It was here I decided to focus upon the human body.  I had seen my parents work our coffee farm my entire life and had heard their grievances over the physical and mental toll it took to maintain this lifestyle. My decision to delve into the path was further cemented with the fact that we live our entire lives within this miraculous “machine”. I wanted to know as much about it as able; how to properly care for it, how to prolong its’ longevity and well-being. 

With this intention in mind, I worked to and obtained my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, to deepen my knowledge on anatomy, physiology, and a variety of ‘bodycentric’ subjects. During these collegiate years I also worked within South Kona Physical Therapy, soaking up as much about the healthcare profession as I could, while manning the front desk.

Then with these learning experiences in my arsenal I began journeying into the world of Massage Therapy at Aloha Massage Academy. Now, practicing this wonderful, holistic healing it is my hope to provide a restorative, peaceful experience for body, mind, and soul; giving back to those whom give so much to our home, community, and world.

Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa! Leena”