Preston specializes in Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Lomilomi and Corrective Therapies.

“I’m a very passionate therapist that puts his whole heart into his work . There’s no greater reward than helping another person , knowing that you helped made their day or lives better. I mentored under my ex wife for 13 years before i decided that i wanted massage therapy as a career. I had a drywall business for 12 yrs and decided that i needed something more meaningful to do with my life so I went to school and obtained a certificate for natural health and then went right to school for massage therapy and graduated head of my class and was offered a position at the school afterwards, but I was moving to this beautiful island with my family ,and now I’m here to help add to the beauty of this wonderful island with my talents. Massage therapy filled with love and compassion!!!!!” Preston Cassise, Kona-Hawaii massage therapy.

“I just wanted to give you an overwhelmingly favorable recommendation for Preston as a massage therapist. He is one of the best I’ve ever had. Be happy to talk to you in person and give you more details if you like. Please call me at 808–987–8122.
Aloha, Eric”.

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